External Thermal Insulation

Creating External Wall Insulation in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Discover how external wall insulation can optimise your home’s thermal efficiency. At Nicedoors & Windows Ltd, we supply a range of external insulation solutions for homes throughout Banbury, Oxfordshire. Suitable for both brick walls and rendered and plastered facades, our solutions will insulate any walls that don’t meet current requirements and help you save about 30% of the cost of home heating. Get in touch today for further information.

Polystyrene Wall Insulation

Our experienced fitters supply and fit a complete set of materials for thermal wall insulation, with full and checked compatibility of all components to ensure that your installation lasts for years to come.


To this end, we stock a wide range of adhesives, renders, and paints to suit different jobs. Primarily, we use a light wet method to insulate all walls. In the first stage, thermal insulation tiles are fixed to the wall and covered with monolayer strengthen, thereby forming a two-layer wall.


The new Amunesc system (once called jointless insulation system, and also known as the ETICS system) is now increasingly popular in the EU. This system involves sticking polystyrene foam boards to the existing outer surface, then adding a layer of render, followed by an adhesive mesh. This is then topped by a primer render and the coloured render of your choice.

Technical Requirements

All work and materials meet the following standards:

Technical Requirements

  • European Technical Approval ETA No. ETA-06/0187

  • NSAI Certificate No. 10/0347 (for Ireland)

  • BBA Certificate No. 13/5018 (for the UK)

Efficient Thermal Insulation

We provide external wall insulation solutions to suit your needs and budget.